Shift Sorting Introduction

Shift Sorting, also known as offset sorting, is a feature that comes in extremely handy if you find yourself needing to print several multi-page documents such as a legal brief, title report, etc. A few desktop all-in-one copy machines have this feature built-in. Shift Sorting is more often found as an option on floor standing copiers of all sizes.

How it works

As your multi-page document exits the copier, each page is already stacked in the correct order. When the copier starts to print the first page of the next document the finisher moves that page about a half inch to one side and stacks all other pages on top. The next copy is shifted back to the original position and printed, and so on, shifting each finished document to one side or the other until the job is done. If stapling is enabled as well, you will walk away from the copier with a stack of printed, collated, stapled multi-page documents. All that’s left to do is hand them out.

When stapling isn’t enough

In the example above, the pages of each completed document was stapled together. A finishing stapler can place a single staple in a corner of the stack of up to fifty pages or two staples can be placed along the top or either long edge of the document. Depending on how they are configured, finishers can include a folder, multi-hole punch, and a saddle stitcher. These options open up a all kinds of possibilities like tri-fold brochures, booklets, and pages punched and ready to be mounted in two, three, or four ring binders. Even though your needs may evolve over time, a properly configured finisher is ready to create almost any type of document you can think of.  The possibilities are almost endless.


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