copier sales Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS C3080 DEMO



Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS C3080 DEMO

Showroom Floor Model NOT A LEASE RETURN!

Has most of the options available for this model.  Your choice of FIERY.  Product is configured exactly picture.  May be willing to lower price if you do not need some accessories.


Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS C3080

This is our SHOWROOM FLOOR MODEL Bizhub Press C3080 that will be replaced by the new model.  This Bizhub Press C3080 is still a current model with Konica Minolta and will make a fantastic copier lease for you.  Machine will have very little usage since it was only on our showroom running as a DEMO.  Will provide the meter read as soon as it is available as well as more pics.  Picture is not actual of machine and actual configuration may differ.  But the Bizhub Press C3080 is very heavily loaded with most of the options.

Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS C3080 DEMO




Would you buy a new car?  If not, why buy a new Bizhub Press C3080?  This machine, as configured, street value price is about $125,000 with MSRP over $200,000.  Since this Bizhub Press C3080 was our showroom floor model, it has been depreciated sufficiently to sell and an affordable price while still getting a machine that you KNOW THE HISTORY of since we got it straight from KONICA MINOLTA as an authorized dealer.  This machine has not been “frankensteined” like so many used machines are that are lease ends.  This unit is as clean as you will see a “used” copier or press.


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