xl4resale.com is the foremost established seller of branded wide format printers. We locate lightly Used Wide Format Printers from companies and then offer them on the open market. Our in-house certified technicians at xl4resale.com differentiate us from our competitors . The wide format and Grand Format Printers we offer are only from trusted brands.

Why xl4resale.com?

xl4resale.com has clients all over the world. What separates us from the pack is we own and use this equipment at the highest level, we can offer so much more than just selling fabric and grand format presses.

To inquire about our deals, or to check out the prices of our Grand Format Printers, you can visit xl4resale.com. We offer professional guidance and provide end-to-end assistance to our clients in choosing, ordering and buying Grand Format Printers. Once you have selected the printer model you can send us your inquiries by clicking the “make an inquiry for the product” link available in the page. We will be happy to assist you in your purchase.


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