Fabric Presses are changing the way the digital textile market is seen. With sizes of up 3,3 meters combined and eco-friendly waterbased dispersed dye inks used to print direct-to-textile, it’s never been so easy to allow global printing corporations acquire new market share and increase profitability. Teleios models are equipped with the latest industrial inkjet printheads with 1.280 nozzles per color, a droplet size of 7 picoliters and true grayscale. This results in printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr. Worth noting, these models have expanded color gamut and the eye-catching colors guaranteed by d.gen inks, reds becomes so very rich and the superior penetration provides great front and rear looking prints. Excellent color-fastness, resists water, 24/7 operation and ultra-low cost production are notable reasons customers are gravitating to fabric.


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