Durst Rho UV Printer
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Durst Rho P10 250 Flatbed used

$500,000.00 $49,900.00


Equipment Fully Functional?: Yes
Date Equipment Available: Now
Year: 2012
Equipment Type: UV Hybrid Inkjet Printer Flat Bed
Manufacturer: Durst
Model: Rho P10 250
Serial #: Upon Request
Equipment Width: 98 inches
Number of Colors: 6 (CMYKLcLm)
RIP / Software: Not included

Durst Rho P10-250 specifications

Operational testing available to serious buyers only.

Used Durst Rho P10 250

Product Description

Used Durst Rho UV Printers

Durst Rho P10 250 Flatbed used

We have two Durst P10 250  models available for immediate sale.  Both models are in current production in our Las Vegas facility.  We also have a Durst P10 250 Roll-to-roll unit.

For more info on Durst products please click HERE.

The Durst Rho P10  series have been called the most versatile and usable 10 picolitre UV printer in its class.  Durst is unsurpassed in print quality and speed in the graphics industry.

Durst is the the industrial inkjet specialist.

Durst Rho P10 250 Flatbed used

At XL4Resale we are unique in the Grand Format Broker arena.  You see, we started as a grand format printer, decades ago, purchased, used and learn to service (in house) many brands and sizes of grand-format machinery.  We got good at what we did, we know these machines.  So instead of going to a traditional broker, try us first, we actually have the equipment we sell in house (…Exscuse me, did you say that you have the equipment??) in full print-for-pay production so that you can be sure that what you agree to purchase is actually what you will receive.  We are affiliated with one of the largest grand-format wholesalers in the marketplace…so please, come and trust our uniqueness and 25 years of expertise.  

At XL4Resale we are very experienced in the rigging of these units, which is, perhaps, the most important part of any purchase of this magnitude.  When you purchase a Durst Rho P10 250 you need to feel confident it will arrive in the same condition it was when you inspected it.

This Durst Rho P10 250 Flatbed used is available right now for operational inspection for serious buyers only.  Please contact us now to set up up a visit at our 2 facilities in Nevada or Utah. 

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