XL4RESALE.COM, riding the economic swells and drops we understand the ever-changing needs of the print business. Sometimes the option to spend large amounts of money on printers, and equipment isn’t easy or even possible, so www.xl4resale.com forged relationships with companies all over the US to bring in high quality, used Grand Format equipment for attainable costs vs the cost of new machines.  This way of buying equipment was so successful locally we decided to expand nationally, and this quickly grew to an international market. Today we offer used equipment and broker deals in every State and many countries abroad.

What truly sets us apart in the industry is the fact that we were (and remain) a grand format printing house before we ever sold equipment.  At XL4Resale, we feel that anyone can broker/sell equipment; what is truly unique is to find someone that floors, uses and services the same kind of machines that we sell!

The best equipment. The best value pricing.  That’s our commitment to you.

If you’re looking for a quality used press, we have you covered.

  •  We only sell Tier 1 brands

Our Mission

XL4RESALE.COM wants to become the industry’s leading source for high quality equipment and grand format printers, consumables, parts and supplies.

Durst Rhotex

Vutek GS